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How much you pay

Only as a reference point for you (and I emphasize – only as a reference because the total sum of your investment would depend on what exactly you want to accomplish) – my hourly rate for private clients is the amount equivalent to 470 Swiss Francs. Corporate clients pay 570 Swiss Francs per hour. If relevant, I apply the exchange rate set on the day of the invoice.

All programs are individually designed according to your requirements and paid either by the hour or as a package. For example, my X-Day Commitment Programs for individuals are proven to be the optimal way of balancing your time and money. Minimum of 50- and maximum of 350- Day Commitment Programs are possible (with the 50-day bracketing). Typically, we would speak every other week or every third week for 90 minutes during the Commitment Program.

And remember – I do offer a complimentary first session to everyone, no strings attached.