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  1. Privacy is the utmost criteria for any conversation with me. I don’t compromise my clients’ confidentiality privilege under any circumstances. Self-disclosure takes place only in safe and respectful space; therefore, your identity is guarded.

  2. I ask lots of questions and carefully listen to your responses, observe how you do so in order to identify all undercurrents and implicit messages.

  3. Non-conformism: do not expect to meet a “typical coach” or a “business consultant”, or a “new age soul healer” – it is not me. I have no preconditioned set-in-stone views, which helps me keep an open mind to all possibilities in the world: that’s how I have learned that it is possible to attain all that you want.

  4. Expect to be challenged, yet learn a great deal through this process. Tacit metaprograms of your inner world will be exposed and scrambled—that’s how you will learn to make better choices for yourself in life.

  5. Human development is all about owning your life fully and making choices with complete awareness.

  6. _____ intentionally left blank for you to add your personal criteria for our successful collaboration (though, I’ll ask you how to measure this specifically).

  7. I don’t give advice. I stimulate your own brain activity (and when I work with corporate clients I transfer knowledge and business experience). This way your growth becomes your own true inner experience that stays with you and equips you with new habits.

  8. Pretence and false sincerity are not present in my life and nor do I want them in my practice. Authenticity is the core value, on which we will found our collaboration.

  9. Although, in our collaboration I utilize pragmatic human development technologies originated and validated through scientific domain of psychology, I don’t have a predefined template which can be applied to all my clients. I appreciate uniqueness and idiosyncrasies of people, teams and businesses. It’s not about the instrument, it’s about the purpose it serves and the outcome you achieve.

I have a Master Degree in Human Resources Management with a focus on Psychology; and a Bachelor Degree in Finance. I’m a Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation), a certified NLP practitioner, and am accredited in applying various diagnostic and human development inventories.