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What I deliver for you

I commit to a purpose-driven, action-oriented, and an unconventional way of collaboration. You will face with powerful methodologies for your growth and will be fully equipped with instruments to sustain whatever you wish to sustain. I uncompromisingly follow high ethical standards and expect you to do the same. And our collaboration can work only if you dare to fully own your life and take full charge of your actions.


  • Expand self-awareness
  • Leverage your personal brand identity
  • Design and implement value-based strategies for personal growth
  • Discover and commit to solutions to get what you truly want
  • Advance in efficient performance and in professional career
  • Transform your leadership capabilities
  • Integrate and harmonize all aspects of your life (private, professional, public).


  • Organizational strategies in recruitment, leadership, talent management and corporate culture
  • Conversational leadership and cross-cultural communication
  • Facilitation of meetings, conducting workshops and trainings
  • Coaching skills for managers and HR-professionals
  • Interviewing & assessing methodologies.

I apply various methodologies based on their empirical and scientific validation to meet your objectives. For instance: behavioral psychology techniques, transactional analysis, learning style application, solution-focused coaching methods, Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, creative tools (e.g., photography), Neuro-Linguistic Programming, etc.

I work in person, by phone or email, or through video communication.

In the end, you can measure our collaboration by:

  • Level of your independence from me in continuously experiencing your “re-titled” life
  • Level of your satisfaction with the accomplished results
  • What you see, hear and feel closely corresponds to what you wanted to experience
  • Level of your agility in dealing with unexpected events
  • Level of excitement and enthusiasm during the journey of our work.

Take a look at my Manifesto for more details about who I am and how I collaborate.